Businesses who use Intruder Alarms

Businesses who use intruder alarms

The types of businesses who install intruder alarms can vary from small shops right up to multi-nationals with extensive manufacturing or warehouse facilities.  Essentially it comes down to a business’s specific requirements and why they need an intruder alarm system.

For example, if a small shop has a high level of stock, they obviously need to protect the stock with an intruder alarm.  If it’s a multi-national, they may have a large amount of data, stock or plant which they need to protect with an intruder alarm.

Other businesses may require an intruder alarm for insurance purposes for instance. The types of system required can often come down to the individual insurance provider and what they’re requirements are for business cover.

So intruder alarm systems could be required to protect stock or data or simply to give business owners peace of mind, ensuring their assets are protected when they are not there.

Which Intruder Alarm System?

As mentioned, for many business owners, the type of intruder alarm system they will install can depend on the requirements of their insurance provider.  Businesses that hold a lot of stock within their premises will most certainly need to invest in a monitored intruder alarm system.  The advantage of a monitored system is that a company, like CCTV Wales, can install and monitor a Grade 3 intruder alarm system so that if it goes off at 3 o’clock in the morning, they deal with the incident directly, only contacting the business owner in an absolute emergency.

So essentially it comes down to what the business owner wants and is trying to achieve with an intruder alarm; what they are trying to protect; and the level of protection they need.  Choice of systems are usually determined by convenience and insurance requirements.

Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance contracts for intruder alarm systems should include a 24/7 engineer response.  At CCTV Wales for example, they offer different levels of service in the form of bronze, silver and gold contracts.  The bronze is for access to engineers 24/7 and also for a once or twice yearly service. The silver also offers access 24/7 to an engineer call out service but included in the silver package is that all call outs charges are covered for the first hour. And finally the gold package covers everything so if you have a faulty part, a call out or labour fees, they’re all covered.

Dan Hardman, Operations Manager at CCTV Wales explains more:


Maintenance Services

Most reputable security system providers will offer customers a comprehensive maintenance service as part of their contract that usually includes an annual or bi-annual check.  This is particularly important for systems that are not monitored.

Business owners can carry out tests themselves on a regular basis.  However, maintenance checks by the system provider are essential to ensure that the system complies with British Standards and the NSI code of conduct as well as being a requirement for most insurance companies.

The service usually entails a walk test to ensure all the detectors are working correctly.  The sounders should also be checked, armed and disarmed to ensure full functionality.

If it’s a monitored intruder alarm, then the signals should be checked to make sure they’re going through to the monitoring centre.  Intruder alarm providers also offer a system diagnosis; so if a technical part isn’t working and has gone off multiple times over a certain period, then they can activate an engineer call out and to check it without bothering the customer.

So in summary, a maintenance service is a general MOT of the system to ensure everything is working correctly.

Intruder alarm monitoring

Business owners have a number of options when it comes to monitoring of intruder alarms.  You have the simplest option which is an audible alarm.  The alarm goes off and the bells ring outside. This is not the most highly recommended option as you are reliant on other people locally to react to alarm.

The second option is a speech dialer which is connected to a telephone line and it rings your mobile or your house phone and can even send a text message when the alarm is activated.   Though more effective than option 1, this is not the most convenient system, particularly if it is a false activation in the early hours of the morning.

The third option is a fully monitored system.  A monitored system is connected to a monitor centre.  The monitor centre then rings the key holder who could be your system provider or the business owner to alert them that there’s an activation in the business premises.  In addition to monitoring systems you can then have police response who will attend all activations on the premises as long as the monitoring system is certificated by NSI or SSAIB.

CCTV Wales

CCTV Wales in Swansea offers a full range of intruder alarm systems along with maintenance contracts and a fully monitored service.   They can even take over the maintenance and monitoring of your existing system if required.

To find out more and to book a free consultation, call today on the number below:

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