Fever-screening technology to support businesses as they return to work.

Fever-screening technology could help businesses back to work safely post-Coronavirus lock down.
Thermal Process

Coronavirus has highlighted and instigated a very real need to fever-screen those who either visit or work at your premises.

We live and operate in a global society where people and objects move quickly and freely around the globe, navigating borders and adhering to protocol as they go. But as the recent pandemic has clearly demonstrated that a virus recognises no borders or limits.

If a virus is present, the risk of spread increases massively when the levels of footfall around it are significant.  Imagine a visitor attraction such as a museum for example, or a sports venue, transport hub such as an airport, train or coach station.  These all experience high numbers of traffic and any single individual may become exposed to infection if one is present. 

But as we’ve recently learnt, it’s not just areas of high footfall that are of risk.  Smaller spaces including office blocks, shops and factories also enable a virus to spread. Protecting your staff and customers from transferable diseases will protect them, the wider community and, when viable, keep your business running safely.

Effective thermal screening for high footfall and visitor areas

Fever-screening offers any premises the opportunity to eradicate the risk of such instances.  As visitors and staff enter your building, they are screened via thermal imaging cameras and any elevated temperature is highlighted and can be immediately quarantined from the rest of the building until further investigated.

These systems are highly efficient because:

  • elevated temperatures are highlighted in seconds and
  • the use of cameras avoids any unnecessary physical contact.

The fever-screening process

Screening your staff and visitors is essentially a three-step process.

  1. Set up a screening channel inside your building
  2. Positioned thermal cameras (handheld or tripod) scan visitors as they move through the screening channel
  3. Any anomalies are checked adhering to social distancing with a thermometer.

If you are concerned about the risk of the spread of Coronavirus (or any virus) when the UK is open for business, talk to the team at H3 Group about our fever-screening technology.  We’ll advise, supply and install and maintain the equipment, and we’ll train you how to use it.  Be prepared. Be safe. Be ready.

Call our team on 0800 389 2288 or email info@h3group.co.uk today.

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