Protecting your Livestock in South West Wales

Free Security SurveyThe news this week is reporting an increase in livestock theft across Wales with criminals moving across the country from the North West into our rural regions.

In fact, one farmer in Ceredigion has had around 135 sheep stolen from his farm.

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Most farmers are astute enough to take sensible measures to prevent theft such as locking gates and using landscaping techniques such as ditches, mounds, hedges, bollards and removable cattle grids to prevent vehicles gaining access.  Cattle is also usually distinctively marked and some even go to the extent of dying their sheep a completely different colour.

However, security for farmland should be viewed in the same way as any other business and Welsh farmers should consider investing some specific security systems to help protect their livestock from the growing criminal trend.

At CCTV Wales we offer a number of solutions that are suitable for many types of different sectors including farming.  For example, farmers can usually predict the routes that criminals will take and so could invest in a remote gate alarm system to alert them when gates are opening or closing or if a track is recording unusual traffic.

CCTV cameras are also an option, particularly in an outbuilding where animals regularly go missing.  CCTV cameras can act as a deterrent to criminals and are a cost effective way to catch any potential thieves either on film or by sending images over a mobile phone network.  These cameras, along with other systems such as intruder alarms, can also help to prevent the loss of expensive plant and equipment.

If you’re a farmer or if you know any farmers who are concerned about protecting their assets, please advise them that CCTV Wales can help them combat livestock and equipment theft.Intruder alarms

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