Stepping up to the Winter Security challenge

What can we do during the Winter time to help to protect our commercial premises? Our blog discusses the possibilities.
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Did you know that statistics this year found that almost 98% of commercial burglary investigations ended up with no suspect in custody?

Our premises are naturally at more risk during Winter months.  Why? Because days are shorter and fewer people are out and about because of colder, adverse weather and early sunsets.  So what can we do at this time of year to help to protect our commercial premises?

Assess how safe your premises are.

The starting point.  By carrying out a risk assessment, you’ll identify any areas of weakness.  When you’ve done this, you’ll be able to remedy any areas of window or door security that need attention.

Keep a register of visitors

As awful as it sounds, visitors have been known to scope premises before attempting unauthorised entry.  Keep a record of every visitor to ensure that you have points of reference.  (It’s also good health and safety practice in the event of a fire).

Re-visit your entry points

How do staff and visitors enter your property?  It’s likely that there are several entry points and it’s important to check that they are all solid and have secure locks.

Play the bad guy

Have a go at breaking in yourself!  Could you, or any of your staff access the property in a non-standard way?  If it is possible for you, it’s possible for an intruder.

Install CCTV Cameras

Previous studies have shown that CCTV is a highly effective deterrent to intruders. If there is a risk of being ‘caught on camera’, an intruder is much more likely to find an alternative and less secure victim.

Don’t be shy!

Make your security cameras as visible as possible by putting them in prominent places (without losing their effectiveness of course).  You should also put up signage which will act as a deterrent to would-be intruders.

Secure your data

If the worst should happen, be at pains to make sure that any personal information you hold about your staff or your customers is always secured on-site.  Being fined for contravening Data Protection Regulations would add insult to injury, could incur a fine and would damage your brand.

H3 Group offers a range of commercial CCTV solutions across the South Wales regions for SMEs through to large corporations.  Contact our teamAbout Us on 0800 389 2288 or email info@ for help and advice.

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