Why You Need Maintenance for Access Control Systems

Access Control MaintenanceThere are a wide range of security systems available on the market today for businesses of all types. No matter which security system you may have in place, to prevent deterioration or the occurrence of faults, access control maintenance is required for even the most effective systems.  Checks should be made to verify the effectiveness of your equipment or to make sure your barriers guarantee safe emergency evacuation for example.

What’s more, employers have a legal duty to safeguard personal data.  In fact, there are a host of health and safety problems that could arise if your access control systems are not maintained to operational standards including the risk of lone workers being trapped in buildings, disruption to procedures and systems, loss of property through theft (which could also incur downtime)… to name but a few.

To prevent any of these events from occurring, CCTV Wales has a comprehensive maintenance solution to provide you with peace of mind that you are compliant and that your property and your employees are protected.

Dan Hardman, Operations Manager from CCTV Wales explains more in this video:

Benefits of Access Control Maintenance

There are many benefits when it comes to an access control maintenance contract. As well as pre-empting any issues that may lead to an emergency call out, provided your contract is with an experience company like CCTV Wales, then an expert team of engineers will be knowledgeable about your working environment, on-site procedures and system functions and history.  They should also be in a position to perform the maintenance service for your integrated security solution in one visit to minimise disruption.

To ensure you get the best service possible from your contractor, you should ensure that they offer a rapid prioritised response service with an out-of-hours option for emergencies.

Selecting an Access Control System

There are many different options when it comes to selecting an access control system and when making your final selection, it’s important to choose a company that has all the relevant accreditations and who can deliver an access controls solution that fits your business needs.

Read this article on the main four questions you should ask yourself before buying an access control system – click here.

CCTV Wales

The dedicated team of fully trained engineers at CCTV Wales are experienced at providing a preventative maintenance plan to ensure your access controls systems are in full working order at all times.

The company not only uses the most innovative equipment from approved partners tailored to a business’s specific requirements, but all systems meet the requirements set out in the British and European standards policy.

Even if you already have an access control system and are looking for an experienced company to maintain it on your behalf, CCTV Wales is able to take over the maintenance and testing of both new and existing installations.

For more information on how CCTV Wales can help with your maintenance requirements call us today on the number below:

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