Don’t leave your alarm systems at risk, make the switch to broadband now.

Analogue and ISDN lines are switching to broadband. Don’t leave your premises at risk, make the switch now.
Broadband too

The UK is gradually moving from analogue and ISDN telephone systems to a faster digital broadband system.  Work has already begun on switching systems across which is due for completion in 2025. 

Why are telephone lines switching to broadband?

User demands in terms of complexity and quantity are putting the system under pressure. In relative terms, the analogue system (called Public Switch Telephone Network or PSTN) has hardly changed since the earliest systems came into being. It relies on physical components, predominantly copper wires, to carry voice signals between callers.  The oldest sections of the worldwide telephone network still use analogue systems whilst most of it is now digital, or ISDN.   But even with that said,  the digital systems still need to use the ageing analogue systems to operate.  So the need for a switch to broadband has arisen.

So what is new?

VOIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol is what’s new and we use it when we speak to family and friends on Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp.  The truth is that it isn’t really ‘new’, businesses and consumers have increasingly been using VOIP for several years now – and by 2025 it will be solely how our telephone lines operate.   

Because callers using VOIP make their calls via an internet connection, the physical components used in analogue systems become redundant.  VOIP allows calls to be made over the internet and speeds are greater than those of analogue and ISDN lines. 

What does this mean for your alarm system?

For alarm systems, this is good news! Because the technology is digital, any required upgrades are easy to install and maintain – literally at the flick of a switch! It’s also much more cost-effective to use.

What will happen?

In four years, phones will no longer be able to plug into an analogue or ISDN socket. They will need to be plugged into a wifi hub or router and they’ll work off the premises internet system.

This means that if your alarm system hasn’t been converted to a broadband system from its current analogue or ISDN system when the switchover takes place, your alarm system will no longer operate.

What should you do?

Don’t panic, is the first thing. There is still time.  However, we anticipate, like every deadline faced, that many will leave things to the last minute and a bottleneck will occur as the cut off date nears. Plan ahead and make the switch now to avoid any risk of leaving your premises without its alarm systems not functioning.

Talk to our team on today. We’ll offer advice on what and needs to be done, and when.

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