For nearly two decades, our team of experts in Fire and Security has been delivering services. We boast a cadre of engineers who are highly skilled and have substantial experience in the installation, repair, and upkeep of fire and security systems.

Furthermore, we also undertake the task of updating external systems to meet industry standards.

Our expertise spans across various sectors in the field and these are illustrated below

Intruder Alarms

We offer a comprehensive range of intruder alarm solutions, catering to both residential and commercial needs in South Wales. Our services span from straightforward wireless systems for homes to intricate setups for businesses.

When you collaborate with us, we take a personalized approach. Our team designs and customizes an intruder alarm system tailored to your unique needs. Our goal is to ensure the safety and protection of everyone in your vicinity, whether it’s your family or colleagues

Importance of Installing Intruder Alarms 

Protection Against Theft: Intruder alarms act as the first line of defence against unauthorized entry. They promptly detect and alert you when someone tries to break in, helping prevent theft and property damage.

Deterrence: The mere presence of an intruder alarm system can discourage potential vandals and burglars. Knowing that an alarm will sound if they attempt unauthorized access can make intruders think twice before targeting your premises.

Peace of Mind: When you’re away from your business or home, intruder alarms provide peace of mind. You can rest assured that any suspicious activity will trigger an alert, allowing you to take necessary action or notify authorities.

Insurance Benefits: Complying with British Standards for intruder alarms can positively impact your insurance coverage. Insurers recognize the importance of these systems in minimizing risks, which may lead to reduced insurance premiums.

Legal Standing: In case of an incident, adhering to standards ensures a higher level of security. It also establishes a solid legal foundation for your security measures.

Access Controls

Access control systems serve as effective security solutions for businesses and organizations seeking to maintain secure premises without relying on manned security personnel.

At H3 FSE, we prioritize safeguarding your premises, whether or not security staff are present at the entrances.

The importance of having an access control system within your premises. 

Installing and maintaining an access control system ensures authorized users—such as employees—can access specific business resources, including devices, software, hardware, servers, files, and data. It functions similarly to having an exclusive key for your private residence, allowing only those with the key to enter. By implementing access control, you can protect your business from cyber threats and control who accesses critical resources.


At H3 Fire & Security, we provide comprehensive services for CCTV systems, catering to various needs. Our offerings range from stand-alone dummy camera installations to sophisticated multi-networked CCTV systems. Whether you require basic surveillance or advanced security solutions, we’ve got you covered

Ensuring proper installation and maintenance of CCTV systems is crucial for effective security. At H3 Fire & Security, we follow these best practices:


  • Professional Installation:

Our skilled technicians perform precise installations, ensuring cameras are positioned optimally for maximum coverage.

We consider factors like lighting, angles, and blind spots to minimize vulnerabilities.

Proper cabling and power supply setup are essential for reliable performance.

  • Quality Equipment:

We use high-quality cameras, DVRs (Digital Video Recorders), and NVRs (Network Video Recorders).

Regularly updated firmware and software enhance system functionality and security.

  • Thorough Testing:

Before deployment, we rigorously test each component.

We verify camera angles, image clarity, motion detection, and remote access functionality.

  • Maintenance and Upkeep:

Scheduled maintenance ensures system longevity.

We inspect cameras, clean lenses, and check connections.

Regular software updates and security patches are applied.

  • User Training:

We educate users on system operation, including accessing live feeds, reviewing recordings, and adjusting settings.

Prompt troubleshooting guidance is provided.

  • 24/7 Monitoring:

Our monitoring services detect anomalies, such as camera malfunctions or unauthorized access.

Immediate action is taken in case of any issues.

Fire Extinguishers

H3 Fire & Security provides comprehensive services related to fire extinguishers, including supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance. Whether it’s for residential or commercial use, we cover all types of fire extinguishers.

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. We adhere to the industry standards outlined in BS5306, ensuring that every task we undertake meets the highest standards. Safety and excellence are at the core of our work

We offer a variety of fire extinguishers to suit different needs

Here are the main types we supply:

Water Fire Extinguishers: These are effective for Class A fires, which involve combustible carbon-based solids like paper, wood, or textiles. They are easily recognizable by their red colour.

Foam Fire Extinguishers: Suitable for both Class A and Class B fires, foam extinguishers work well on flammable liquids such as paraffin, petrol, diesel, or oil (excluding cooking oil). They are identified by a cream-colored band.

Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers: Available in standard and specialist variants, dry powder extinguishers cover Class A, B, and C fires. They are effective against flammable gases (like butane, propane, or methane) and burning metals (such as aluminium, lithium, or magnesium). Look for the lilac colour for dry powder extinguishers.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Fire Extinguishers: These are suitable for electrical fires (indicated by an electric spark symbol) and are also effective for Class B fires. CO2 extinguishers are black in colour.

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers: Specifically designed for Class F fires, which involve fats and cooking oils. They are recognizable by their yellow coding.

Remember that choosing the right type of fire extinguisher is crucial, as it can make a significant difference in emergency situations. Each type is designed for specific fire classes, so understanding the materials present in the area you want to protect is essential.

Fire Alarms

At H3 Fire & Security, we provide comprehensive services for fire alarm systems in both commercial and residential premises. Our offerings include installation, repair, and maintenance. Whether you need a new system set up, an existing one repaired, or regular upkeep to ensure optimal functionality, our skilled team is here to assist you.

At H3 Fire & Security, we provide a comprehensive range of fire alarm systems tailored to various needs. Our offerings include:

Single-Point Smoke or Heat Detection Systems: These systems promptly detect smoke or heat in specific areas, triggering alarms for early warning.

Beam Detection Systems: Beam detectors use infrared light beams to detect smoke or fire across larger spaces, such as warehouses or open areas.

Wireless Systems: Wireless fire alarm systems offer flexibility and ease of installation without the need for extensive cabling.

Aspirating Systems: Aspirating smoke detection systems use air sampling to detect smoke particles at an early stage, ideal for critical environments.

Gas Suppression Systems: These systems suppress fires by releasing specific gases (such as CO2 or FM-200) to extinguish flames without water damage.

Our commitment to quality aligns with industry standards set by the British Approvals for Fire Excellence (BAFE). BAFE ensures that fire safety companies meet expected standards through independent verification. We adhere to the relevant British Standard BS 5839-1, which covers design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of fire detection and alarm systems in non-domestic premises12. Rest assured, your safety is our priority

Emergency Lighting

At H3 Group, we offer comprehensive services for emergency lighting. Our expertise covers:


Installation: Our skilled technicians ensure proper installation of emergency lighting systems. We strategically position lights to provide optimal coverage during power outages or emergencies.

Replacement: If your existing emergency lights need upgrading or replacement, we handle the process seamlessly. We select reliable, energy-efficient options to enhance safety.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential to keep emergency lights functional. We inspect, test, and replace batteries as needed, ensuring they’re ready when you need them most.

Ensuring proper emergency light testing and compliance is essential for maintaining safety standards. At H3 Group, we follow these guidelines:


  • Regular Testing:

We conduct routine tests on emergency lights to verify their functionality.

Monthly tests involve briefly switching off the main power supply to ensure the lights activate.

Annual tests assess battery capacity and overall performance.

  • Record Keeping:

We maintain detailed records of all tests performed.

This documentation ensures compliance with regulations and provides an audit trail.

  • Compliance with Standards:

We adhere to industry standards, including BS 5266-1 for emergency lighting design and installation.

Our work aligns with guidelines set by regulatory bodies such as the Fire Industry Association (FIA) and British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE).

  • Emergency Light Types:

We install and maintain various types of emergency lights, including escape route signs, bulkhead lights, and self-contained luminaires.

Each type serves a specific purpose and must comply with relevant standards.

  • Emergency Light Duration:

We ensure that emergency lights remain illuminated for the required duration during power outages.

Compliance typically involves maintaining minimum illumination levels for specified time periods.


Remember, our goal is to provide reliable emergency lighting that enhances safety in critical situations. If you have specific compliance requirements or need further information,

Other Products and Services

At H3 Group Fire and Security, our offerings extend beyond those mentioned above. Click below to learn more about our other services. 

  1. Nurse Call Systems:  These play a crucial role in healthcare environments. These devices allow patients to communicate with nurses and promptly alert them of their immediate needs.
  2.  Lockdown Systems: Lockdown systems are critical for ensuring safety and security in various establishments, and they play a vital role in emergency response procedures. They help to ensure that everyone knows precisely how to respond and what to do during an emergency.
  3. Automatic Barriers and Gates: H3 Fire & Security offers a comprehensive range of services, including automatic barrier and gate installation, repair, and maintenance. Our team of experts ensures that your security systems are functioning optimally and provide reliable protection for your premises.
If you have any further queries or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us. Our H3 Team is here to help.