When it comes to utilising public transport, the H3 Group understands that the safety of users and workers always needs to be a priority. 



Our main concern is ensuring the safety of commuters while also creating an environment where staff can conduct their business comfortably and securely.



We currently manage over 60 train stations, bus stations, and depots across Wales and England, from Aberystwyth to Swansea, to Chester. We provide fire and security solutions, including installation, repair, and maintenance. These include:


  1. Fire Extinguishers
  2. Fire Alarms
  3. Intruder Alarms
  4. Access Controls
  5. CCTV Systems

Partner with the H3 Group today to ensure a high level of safety and security for your premises. Contact us today for any queries and our team of engineers will be happy to provide you with suitable solutions in no time.