Industrial Manufacturing


The Vale Europe Nickel Refiner is the former Inco plan in Clydach, Swansea and we began working with the firm 7 years ago.

What we did:

H3 Group (formerly CCTV Wales) initially upgraded the existing CCTV system to an IP CCTV system which integrates into their PC Software.

As a part of the CCTV upgrade over 40 cameras were installed across the site being used not only for security but as a health and safety management tool.

The results:

Thanks to the software integration, monitoring is now a much-simplified process with improved picture quality.

Together with the addition of the Health & Safety management tool, Vale Europe has experienced huge benefits – monitoring has become a manageable process, and further Health and Safety operational benefits have been cited.  This has enabled the company to rectify these areas and could easily have saved physical harm to personnel.