CCTV Systems

cctv cameras

CCTV for your premises

A visible and perfect deterrent for would-be intruders, CCTV systems are an ideal solution for theft prevention.  They also help to prevent vandals from attacking your business premises and thanks to 24/7 monitoring, reduce the need for any physical security presence on-site.

CCTV for your people

CCTV positively supports health and safety within your business. With a written policy in place, it is perfectly acceptable to monitor your premises. This allows you to identify behaviour or activity that is dangerous and could cause physical harm and thus allows you to safeguard your employees, contractors or customers who are on-site.
cctv cameras

CCTV for your business

Theft and damage to your business premises comes at a high cost. In addition to lost or damaged equipment, we must take into account the time taken for police investigation, the emotional cost to you and your staff and the temporary, or even permanent cessation of business.

CCTV also brings economic benefits to businesses. Insurance premiums are based on the security of your premises and its value plus the location. A commercial CCTV system can have a positive impact on your premiums, bringing peace of mind at a minimal cost.

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