H3 Group to participate in the Swansea Half Marathon to raise funds and Awareness for Breast Cancer

We are pleased to announce that we will be sending a team to participate in the Swansea Half Marathon on June 9, 2024. The team will be running to raise awareness about breast cancer and to fundraise for Peony Breast Care at Prince Philip Hospital in Llanelli.


The decision to participate in the marathon comes in honour of our colleague, Clare Edwards, who was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. The H3 Group is committed to supporting Clare and others affected by this disease and sees the marathon as an opportunity to contribute to a cause that has touched their team personally.


We believe in the power of community and the importance of giving back and are proud to support Clare and all those battling breast cancer. We hope our participation in the Swansea Half Marathon will help raise awareness and much-needed funds for Peony Breast Care.


The H3 Group encourages everyone to support their team in the marathon and contribute to their fundraising efforts. All proceeds will go directly to Peony Breast Care via Just Giving, which provides vital support and care for individuals diagnosed with breast cancer.


The Swansea Half Marathon is known for its scenic route, which takes runners along the beautiful coastline of Swansea Bay. It’s a fitting backdrop for an event that brings people together to support important causes like breast cancer awareness.


The H3 Group’s participation in the marathon underscores our commitment to our employees and the wider community. As the team prepares for the race, they will carry with them the spirit of resilience and hope – qualities embodied by Clare Edwards and countless others affected by breast cancer.


For more information on how to support the H3 Group’s fundraising efforts, please visit our official JustGiving page HERE